Tuesday, March 3, 2020 - 14:07

The rental of mobile UPS systems has been part of the Vanparijs Engineers offering for a long time. Yet the principle of temporary and mobile UPS installations still too often remains unknown (and therefore unloved ...) on the market. Everyone knows mobile diesel groups, but a mobile UPS is slightly different. To create more clarity, Vanparijs Engineers has put a brand new website online. At the same time, a video is also being launched that fully explains the principle and operation of the mobile UPS.

As a company with critical processes you are 100% dependent on pure and continuous power. A minimal outage can cause a lot of costs and problems. That's why you have a UPS installation that protects you at all times against small and large power failures. But what if your UPS is temporarily unavailable or there are other problems in your electrical infrastructure? A temporary mobile UPS installation will help you reduce the risks and ensure that the lights stay always on.

With its new website www.upsrental.eu, Vanparijs Engineers mainly wants to inform companies about the possibilities and the importance of a mobile UPS to protect critical production processes, ultra-sensitive equipment, digital data traffic, etc. against power failures in cases where the existing infrastructure temporarily offers no or insufficient protection.

In addition to the standard presentation of systems and rental formulas, the website also aims to be informative: a clear video introduces visitors to the principle, operation and applications of the mobile UPS and a short checklist allows companies to find out for themselves whether a mobile UPS can be a solution for their business.

More information: www.upsrental.eu